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With Converge 2023, we’re happy to celebrate and showcase Paravision’s incredible partners with interviews, case studies, and product overviews gathered into an online magazine focused on trusted identity solutions Built with Paravision.

Converge 2023 highlights our commitment to building technology that not only leads industry benchmarks but also meets the demanding requirements across various industry sectors such as digital identity, travel, automotive, access control, and stadium events.


Through this magazine, we want to share the stories of the partnerships that have led to solutions across a wide array of applications. These stories represent the very essence of our business – they are a celebration of our partners and the innovative solutions we’ve achieved together.

Doug Aley, CEO, Paravision logo-prvn-horizontal

The vision of Paravision’s leadership team proved to be aligned with HID’s strategy, and the two organizations were highly complementary. Very important to HID was also the ethical approach to AI and biometrics which is really in the DNA of Paravision. Building positive relationships in business is one of the most important foundations for success — and we achieved this working with Paravision.

Vito Fabbrizio, Managing Director, Biometrics, HID Extended Access Technologies hid_logo

We decided to work with Paravision because of our shared values. We’re both focused on maintaining rigorous ethical standards from development to release, with significant due diligence on fairness and societal impact. Paravision’s solution met our needs for an innovative, responsible complement to our technology as it is ethically built and trained on a diverse set of data, as well as rigorously audited to detect and mitigate bias.

Dan Lee, Identity Products Lead, Persona Persona_logo

SITA, with the help of partner companies like Paravision, is actively shaping a future where facial recognition replaces physical passports, streamlining the journey and improving the experience for millions of travelers.

Ricardo Letosa, Global Head of Strategy, SITA’s Borders Division sita_logo_1

The smart stadiums market is developing rapidly and, excitingly, is still at the beginning of its evolution. A lot of great concepts to improve the fan experience through technology are being tested today, which simultaneously benefit the leagues, teams, artists, players, and staff.

Tania Salarvand, Senior EVP of Strategy & Growth, Globant Globant_Logo

For those of us in the identity technology community, it is not sufficient (or responsible) simply to sell products to government clients and then wash our hands of these issues.

What governments need are committed commercial partners who collaborate with them on such challenges, to find solutions that work both for clients and citizens.

Jon Payne, Director, Business Development & Strategic Alliances, Entrust Entrust_logo

Paravision is one of the best teams in face recognition and they have a clear strategy on how to address different industry sectors. Partnering with Paravision helps OP’nSoft to start its development in the Software as a Service business and offer new kinds of capabilities to our customers.

Alexandre Corjon, EVP of Innovation & Software, Plastic Omnium. plastic_omnium_logo

By integrating Paravision’s advanced facial recognition technology, Brivo Door Station offers an intuitive and reliable access control solution that enhances security systems for businesses of all sizes. Brivo and Paravision’s partnership is built on a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, and we are excited to work together in building a better, safer future for our customers.

Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer, Brivo brivo_logo

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By Doug Aley, Paravision CEO


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