The Vision AI partner
you can trust.


Building blocks of Trusted Vision AI

Benchmarked performance

We deliver consistent leadership in global benchmarks across a wide range of use cases.

Responsibility and ethics

Firmly rooted in our published AI Principles, we’re committed to doing business the right way.

Partner orientation

Driven by our partners’ goals, we’re proud to power solutions Built with Paravision.

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Published AI Principles

We believe in AI that is both ethically trained and conscientiously sold. Our company and the technology we create are guided by internal processes and external benchmarks that ensure adherence to these principles.

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Benchmarked performance


  • #4

    Ranked 4th Globally
    Visa-Border, N=1.6M

July 2023

NIST 1:1

  • #6

    Ranked 6th Globally
    Visa-Border, FMR = 1e-6

June 2023

DHS Biometric Rally

  • #1

    Ranked 1st Globally
    100% True Identification Rate

February 2023


Demographic Performance

We’re deeply committed to ensuring a high accuracy for our technology across a broad demographic range.

  • In NIST FRTE (previously FRVT) 1:1, Paravision Face Recognition achieved less than 0.65% FNMR at 1 in 100,000 FMR across all demographic groups, including age, gender, and nationality.
  • In the DHS Biometric Technology Rally 2021 and 2022, our technology was top-ranked globally, and achieved a 100% True Identification rate across demographics, including gender, race, and skin tone.
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