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Effortless and accurate liveness detection for digital identity


Core benefits


Passive user experience

Relies on highly advanced AI-based analysis of a single image frame, enabling a frictionless user experience without any participation required from the user.


Live feedback

Incorporating live feedback helps the technology proactively prevent errors and retries due to low quality images, delivering high accuracy and an intuitive experience even for first-time users.


World-class accuracy

Industry-leading accuracy, built for digital identity verification use cases, enabling server-side liveness detection and advanced image quality SDKs for iOS and Android.


Ease of integration

Available as a part of Paravision’s Docker container-based products, enabling cloud-ready solutions and simple integration for both new and existing Paravision partners.


Third-party tested

iBeta-certified Presentation Attack Detection for Level 1 and Level 2, indicating compliance with the ISO 30107-3 testing and reporting requirements.

Vision AI to prevent fraud and improve access in digital identity

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Paravision Liveness is designed to combat the use of fraudulent face images in digital identity verification and help partners integrate a fully passive liveness detection with ease, enabling highly accurate and intuitive liveness and validity checks.


Supported features:

  • Detection, capture, and validity checks available on smartphone (iOS and Android) with server-side liveness detection (Windows and Linux)
  • Fully optimized for single-frame, color images, such as standard selfie images, delivering metrics on the likelihood that an image is authentic or a spoof
  • Optimized for Level 1 and Level 2 Presentation Attack Detection
  • Supports mobile and webcam capture
  • Packaged in Paravision’s standard Docker-based products

Validity feedback:

  • Based on Paravision’s NIST-tested image quality metric, maximizing performance and usability
  • Includes metrics and gives live feedback on crucial metrics, including: face sharpness, size, illumination, position, frontality, and masks.

Use Cases:

Application Digital Identity Verification
Application Travel and Border Programs Image
Application Government Programs Image

Use Cases:

Digital Identity:

Paravision Liveness enables accurate and frictionless liveness detection across digital identity verification use cases, such as banking, payments, and events.

Travel & Border Programs:

Integrate Paravision Liveness with your travel and border solutions to improve security in remote identity use cases and self-enrollments.

Government Programs:

Deploy Paravision Liveness as a part of any Government Identity Program to power authentic identity at an industry-leading accuracy.


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