Benchmarked performance for your peace of mind


Benefits of industry benchmarks

Unbiased performance metrics

Industry benchmarks, including NIST FRTE (previously FRVT) and the DHS Biometric Technology Rally, give independent information about the performance of face recognition algorithms and allow organizations to make informed decisions when selecting a face recognition system.

Data on demographic performance

Evaluations, such as the NIST FRTE (previously FRVT) 1:1 and the DHS Biometric Technology Rally, test face recognition algorithms’ performance across different genders, ages, and skin tones, giving invaluable insights into how well the technology works across demographic groups.

Driving research and innovation

Benchmark evaluations are not only useful for customer organizations in comparing different vendors, but also give crucial data for industry researchers and face recognition vendors in improving the state of the art and their products.

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Benchmarked performance


  • #4

    Ranked 4th Globally, Visa-Border, N=1.6M

  • Visa-Border: FNIR 0.0026 @FPIR 0.003

  • Mugshot-Webcam: FNIR 0.0096 @FPIR 0.003

  • Mugshot-Mugshot: FNIR 0.0021 @FPIR 0.003

July 2023


  • #6

    Ranked 6th Globally, Visa-Border

  • Visa-Border: FNMR 0.0019 @FMR 0.000001

  • Ranked 1st Globally, Visa-Border Yaw ≥45°

  • Less than 0.65% FNMR @FMR 0.00001 for every demographic group tested

June 2023

NIST Paperless Travel

  • #2

    Ranked 2nd Globally, N=420, single enrollment image

  • N=420 (size of a large aircraft), single enrollment image: Successful match rate 99.91%

  • N=42,000 (size of a large airport terminal), single enrollment image: Successful Match rate 99.68%

January 2022


Demographic Performance

We’re deeply committed to ensuring a high accuracy for our technology across a broad demographic range.

  • In NIST FRTE (previously FRVT) 1:1 (June 2023), Paravision Face Recognition achieved less than 0.65% FNMR at 1 in 100,000 FMR across all demographic groups, and the lowest worst-case FMR globally by a substantial margin.
  • In the DHS Biometric Technology Rally 2021 and 2022, our technology was top-ranked globally, and achieved a 100% True Identification rate across demographics, including gender, race, and skin tone.
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