Physical Security

From Cloud to Edge, enable true identity convergence and rapidly scale AI-powered security solutions including touchless access control and intelligent video security.

Application Physical Security Header

Deliver integrated and frictionless authentication across enterprise touch points.

With the advent of AI-powered face recognition and related Vision AI tools, Paravision helps you implement intuitive, touchless, enterprise-grade security solutions across video security and physical access control systems.

Our globally trusted Vision AI product suite helps our partners deliver enhanced security, convenience, and situational awareness.

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Face Detection


Find faces and landmarks and determine biometric image quality. Detected faces can be passed to face recognition at the edge, on-premises, or in the cloud.

1:N Face Identification


Compare a presented face against a gallery to identify a person when a second factor or token isn't available for lookup.

1:1 Face Verification


Compare one face to another, for applications where faces may be combined with a second factor (such as a token or mobile device) for lookup.

Edge Processing


Integrate complete face recognition with embedded devices at the network edge, enabling responsive UI, low latency, and high uptime.

Real-Time Streaming


Integrate with standard RTSP and other streaming video environments to deliver real-time video analysis.

Person and Vehicle Detection


Accurately and efficiently detect and track people and vehicles in RTSP video streams, in conjunction with or independent of face recognition.


Excelling in the real world

  • Paravision┬« offers field-tested face recognition that excels in the real world, and enables partners to implement solutions that stay accurate in the toughest conditions.

    • Angle and light variability
    • Visual obstructions and occlusions
    • Age, race, and gender diversity
    • Low-quality video image
    • Profile views
  • Build better security solutions, faster.

    • OEM Integrations
    • Video Security Convergence
    • Physical Access Convergence
    • Time and Attendance
    • Logical Access Convergence
    • Visitor Management