Stadiums and Events

Improve guest experiences and venue security for large-scale events with intelligent biometric identity solutions.


AI-powered identity verification for smart stadiums.

Decrease or eliminate queueing times. Delight customers, increase stadium revenue, and enhance operational efficiency with automated identity checks powered by face recognition and Vision AI.

Paravision® Face Recognition empowers smart stadium operators to build automated biometric identity solutions across event touchpoints including mobile enrollment, ticketing and entry, concession purchases, stadium access, sports betting, and fan experience. Paravision Search enables day-of-event optimization with customizable filters, sub-galleries, and on-premises deployment options.

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Face Detection


Find faces and landmarks and determine biometric image quality. Detected faces can be passed to face recognition at the edge, on-premises, or in the cloud.

1:1 Face Verification


Compare one face to another, for applications where faces may be combined with a second factor (such as an ID document) for lookup.

1:N Face Identification


Compare a presented face against a gallery with scale, elasticity, and optimization for air travel needs powered by Paravision Search.

Edge Processing


Integrate complete facial recognition access control with embedded devices at the network edge, enabling responsive UI, low latency, and high uptime.

Real-Time Streaming


Deliver converged solutions bringing together the benefits of video security and traditional guest touchpoints.


Excelling in the real world

  • Paravision® offers field-tested face recognition that excels in the real world, enabling partners to implement biometric stadium solutions that stay accurate in the toughest conditions.

    • Angle and light variability
    • Visual obstructions and occlusions
    • Age, race, and gender diversity
    • Low-quality videos and images
    • Profile views


  •  Build frictionless fan experiences.

    • Mobile Enrollment
    • Ticketing and Entry
    • Concession Purchases
    • Stadium Operations
    • VIP Lounge Access
    • Sports Betting