enterprise-grade Vision AI software

Based in the United States, Paravision builds industry-leading technology that is easy-to-deploy and runs on every major platform — from the cloud to the edge.

Face Recognition


Paravision® face recognition consistently ranks among the top global performers in industry benchmarks, and is easy-to-deploy across major platforms — from cloud to edge.

  • Face Detection
  • 1:1 Face Recognition
  • 1:N Face Recognition
  • Paravision Search
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Authentic Identity


Vision AI tools to support establishing trusted identity for customers, employees, or citizens in remote and digital environments.

  • 2D Liveness
  • 3D Liveness
  • Deepfake Detection
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Paravision is enhancing security, safety, and efficiency with technologies that go beyond identity, characterizing people, objects, and scenes.

  • Attribute analysis
  • Person detection
  • Vehicle detection
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Vision AI

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Paravision’s leading Vision AI capabilities can improve outcomes for critical individual, business, and societal challenges across multiple industries including logistics, manufacturing and healthcare.

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