Automotive Access and Personalization

Enable next-generation automotive personalization and frictionless in-cabin experiences with trusted Vision AI and identity solutions.

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Future-forward car personalization with the help of Vision AI.

Build seamless, secure, and keyless automotive access solutions that increase safety and enhance personalization with face recognition-based biometric authentication.Ā 

Deliver keyless door entry and car ignition, integrate driver profiles with in-cabin technology from seat positioning to music preferences, enable advanced driver monitoring, and deliver next-generation connected experiences including purchases and secure services.

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Face Detection


Find faces and landmarks in the most difficult environments with ease. Detected faces can be passed to face recognition at the edge or in the cloud.

Image Quality Analysis


Ensure the highest quality enrollment and authentication in self-service environments.

1:1 Verification


Guard against spoofing and other presentation attacks with vision AI designed to harness the latest hardware and sensor advances.

1:N Identification


Compare a presented face against a gallery to identify a person when lookup needs to happen at large scale.

Embedded Processing


Integrate complete facial recognition with leading SoCs enabling responsive UI, low latency, and high accuracy at low cost.



Ensure the person in front of a camera is real, and not a presentation attack, or a spoof.

Application Automotive
Application Automotive

Excelling in the real world

  • ParavisionĀ® offers field-tested face recognition that excels in the real world, enabling partners to implement biometric travel solutions that stay accurate in the toughest conditions.

    • Angle and light variability
    • Visual obstructions and occlusions
    • Age, race, and gender diversity
    • Low-quality video image
    • Profile views
  • Powering personalized automotive experiences.

    • Biometric automotive access
    • Infotainment personalization
    • Driver monitoring
    • Back seat monitoring
    • In-cabin payments