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AI-powered deepfake detection for fighting identity fraud and misinformation

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Trusted Vision AI


Highly accurate

AI-based analysis to assess the likelihood that still images or videos have been digitally manipulated with a broad range of leading deepfake generation technologies.


Ethically trained

Based on a proprietary dataset of over 1 million deepfake images generated with properly-consented imagery and video, representing broad racial and gender diversity.


Easy to integrate

Available as a part of Paravision’s Docker container-based products, enabling cloud-ready solutions and simple integration for both new and existing Paravision partners.


Backed by extensive R&D

Paravision Deepfake Detection is the result of years of focused R&D in collaboration with a Five Eyes Government partner.

High-trust deepfake detection with exceptional accuracy


Paravision Deepfake Detection is built to help combat identity fraud and misinformation in identity verification, media and communications platforms, and government programs.


Supported features:

  • Server-side, cloud-ready Deepfake detection 
  • Delivered as an SDK or packaged in Paravision’s standard Docker-based products, deployable on-prem or with GCP, AWS, or Azure
  • Analyzes still images or video frames to assess the likelihood of digital manipulation with leading deepfake generation technologies 
  • Output score can be used to guide automated or manual (human-in-the-loop) fraud analysis 
  • Optimized for Identity Swap (i.e. Face Swap) and Expression Swap Deepfakes
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    Technology insights:

  • The result of two years of focused R&D building upon the company’s market-leading face image analysis technology
  • Based on a proprietary dataset of over 1 million deepfake images generated with properly-consented imagery and video representing broad racial and gender diversity 
  • Trained and benchmarked across more than 30 model types representing 5 leading deepfake generation approaches
  • Use Cases:

    Application Digital Identity Verification

    Use Cases:

    Digital Identity:

    Paravision Deepfake Detection powers high-trust authenticity checks for digital identity verification use cases such as banking, payments, and travel. Paravision Deepfake Detection can help organizations identify enrollment images or ID documents that have been manipulated with deepfake technologies.

    Government Programs:

    Increasing prevalence of deepfaked imagery is undermining the public’s understanding of what is real and what is not – this has implications for democracy, national security, and human rights. Paravision Deepfake Detection can help Governments identify deepfake powered threats and combat the risks.

    Media and Broadcasting:

    Both traditional and social media companies can utilize Paravision Deepfake Detection to build solutions for fighting misinformation and help users identify content that has been digitally manipulated with the use of deepfake technologies.


    Video Communications:

    Establish trust in video communications with Paravision Deepfake Detection, and implement robust authenticity checks in remote digital interactions. Paravision Deepfake Detection enables companies to verify identities in industries such as healthcare, legal services, and corporate communications, where the integrity of video content is paramount. 

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