SAN FRANCISCO — May 11, 2023 — Paravision, the leader in Trusted Vision AI, today announced that it has been awarded a follow-on contract from a Five Eyes government partner to continue the development of its deepfake detection platform. This will enable productization of the prototype Paravision successfully developed under its initial contract with this government partner.

The initial prototype, developed from the ground-up over the last year, includes an AI-based deepfake detector and web-based, on-premises application supporting human-in-the-loop review of synthetic media, allowing experts to review suspected deepfakes and confirm whether they are genuine or fake.

Paravision Deepfake Detection Application user interface

Paravision’s approach to deepfake detection utilizes its industry-leading machine learning model architectures, which have powered its face recognition technology to consistently rank at the top of respected industry accuracy benchmarks, including NIST FRVT and DHS Biometric Technology Rally. Leveraging this core technology, Paravision’s deepfake detection AI engine has already demonstrated accuracy on par with the best-in-class deepfake detectors in academic literature. With the new funding, the company will bring its AI-powered deepfake detection platform to the market.

The program expansion and investment in research and development are timely given the dramatic rise of generative AI and the potential for synthetic imagery that may be indistinguishable from reality by the human eye. Examples of synthetic media and deepfakes impacting video conferencing, traditional media, social media, and even basic appreciation of reality vs. fiction have become pervasive. 

Synthetic imagery in general and deepfakes specifically pose substantial risks to identity, privacy, democracy, national security, and human rights.  We are proud to continue our work with a respected government partner and to have their support as we bring advanced deepfake detection technology to market.
Joey Pritikin, Paravision Chief Product Officer

The program expansion covers a period of one year. Paravision will be providing more updates and insights into its platform throughout that time.