R&D project will leverage Paravision’s world-leading Vision AI expertise

SAN FRANCISCO — June 8, 2022 Paravision, the leader in trusted Vision AI, today announced that it has received funding from a Five Eyes government partner to develop technology capable of detecting so-called “deepfake” videos. The year-long program will leverage Paravision’s industry-leading Vision AI expertise to build software capable of detecting several types of digital face manipulations.

Deepfake videos use AI to replace people’s likeness or actions with others of the creator’s choosing — often involving celebrities, politicians or other well-known figures. In the most sophisticated examples, the forgery is practically undetectable, raising concerns over the use of this technology for disinformation and propaganda. 

Deepfake technologies pose significant new threats to democracy, national security, identity and personal privacy. They contribute to an atmosphere of uncertainty and distrust that can be exploited by malicious actors. We are proud to partner with a major Five Eyes government to deliver an impactful, high-accuracy capability for deepfake detection, and to have the opportunity to apply our team and technology to address this urgent need.
Joey Pritikin, Paravision Chief Product Officer

Paravision’s face recognition technology regularly tops the rankings in industry evaluations. In April, the company took first place for matching systems in the DHS Biometric Technology Rally, where it delivered 100% accuracy across all demographics. Earlier this year it became the first American company since 2019 to rank first in the rigorous NIST 1:N benchmark, regarded as the gold-standard for face-recognition technology.

Paravision recently announced the appointment of Kris Ranganath joining the team as SVP of Innovation. Kris joined Paravision after 15+ years of developing enterprise-scale digital identification solutions at NEC to lead Paravision’s research and development for new product exploration.

Paravision has proven the strength of its core Vision AI technology time after time, and we’re passionate about using it to promote security, privacy and peace of mind. Paravision’s top-rated face recognition technology, along with other complementary technologies, provide an ideal foundation for a high-impact deepfake detection solution and complementary advanced presentation attack detection methods such as morphing and synthetic image detection. We see valuable applications and opportunities in multiple domains, including government, social media and news media.
Kris Ranganath, Paravision SVP of Innovation