Digital Identity Verification Solutions

Build trusted digital identity verification and eKYC solutions with accurate and easy-to-use face recognition and liveness toolkits.

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Enhance digital identity verification with industry leading Vision AI software.

Deliver inclusive, high-confidence digital identity verification solutions with AI-based, highly-customizable face recognition and liveness software. Enable frictionless user experiences, secure biometric payments, and trusted digital identity programs with NIST FRVT-leading technology.

World-class digital identity verification solutions across industries and use cases, from finance to retail and healthcare to visitor management are Built with Paravision.

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Face Detection


Find faces and landmarks in the most difficult environments with ease. Detected faces can be passed to face recognition at the edge, on-premises, or in the cloud.

Image Quality Analysis


Ensure the highest quality enrollment and authentication in self-service environments.

1:1 Face Verification


Compare one face to another, for applications where faces may be combined with a second factor (such as an ID document) for lookup.

1:N Face Identification


Compare a presented face against a gallery to identify a person when a lookup needs to happen at a large scale.

Mobile Processing


Optimize user experience, latency, and security by choosing the right balance of processing between server-side and mobile devices.

Liveness and Deepfake Detection


Ensure the person in front of a camera is a real person, and not a presentation attack or a spoof.

Application Digital Identity Verification
Application Digital Identity Verification

Succeeding in the real world

  • Paravision┬« offers field-tested face recognition that excels in the real world, enabling partners to implement solutions that stay accurate in the toughest conditions.

    • Angle and light variability
    • Visual obstructions and occlusions
    • Age, race, and gender diversity
    • Low-quality imaging
    • Profile views
  • Verify your customer identities.

    • Remote Onboarding
    • Retail Payments
    • Customer Loyalty Programs
    • Travel Bookings
    • Online and Social Gaming
    • Gig Economy Authentication
    • Visitor Management
    • Government Services