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Authentic Identity

The rapid evolution of digital identity services and the increasing ease of AI-powered image manipulation has come along with a challenge of ensuring authentic identity. Paravision is building Vision AI tools to support establishing trusted identity for customers, employees, or citizens in remote and digital environments.

Building Trust

With the ease of creating physical reproductions or digital manipulations, matching one face to another with highly accurate face recognition is not enough to prove that a presented identity is authentic.

Authentic Identity is a collection of technologies, systems, policies, and processes to create trust around identity in both physical and digital domains.

Challenges to Authenticity, Identity, and Trust

Physical Presentation Attacks

Also known as Spoofs, Physical Presentation Attacks can include paper cutouts, digital displays, latex or 3D-printed masks used with the intention of identity fraud

Digital Face Manipulations

Digital Face Manipulations can include deepfakes that use AI to replace the likeness or expression of one person with another in digital media

Synthetic Identities

Presentation attacks in a digital domain with synthesized, hyper-realistic faces that do not exist in the real world, such as those created by StyleGAN

Our innovations


Paravision Liveness

Fully passive liveness for standard cameras, including smart phones and webcams

Deployable on mobile devices or server-side, Paravision Liveness is able to process single images or video frames and deliver iBeta certified guidance on presentation attacks in use cases where identity authentication relies on 2D image, such as you would get from a smartphone selfie.

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Deepfake Detection

AI powered detection of deepfake imagery and video

Paravision Deepfake Detection is built to help combat identity fraud and misinformation in identity verification, media and communications platforms, and government programs, and offers AI-based analysis to assess the likelihood that still images or videos have been digitally manipulated. Read more

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Liveness for specialized sensors

Advanced liveness for custom sensors

Our advanced Liveness Detection for Ambarella CVFlow uses a combination of near-infrared and other sensing to deliver real-time, edge-based livenes detection for a wide range of 2D and 3D spoof attacks.

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Vision AI in action

Paravision Liveness


Paravision Liveness Demo


Paravision Deepfake Detection


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Paravision Liveness

Integrating an advanced frontend SDK and Docker-based backend software suite, Paravision Liveness delivers highly accurate yet fully passive liveness detection serving a wide range of digital identity...


Paravision Deepfake Detection

Increasing prevalence of deepfaked imagery in traditional and social media is undermining the public’s understanding of what is real and what is not. In the context of digital identity, deepfakes a...


Authentic Identity: Challenges and Opportunities in Physical and Digital Domains

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