• Age_Estimation

Precise, frictionless, privacy-preserving age estimation technology


Trusted Vision AI


World-class accuracy

Precise age estimation powered by advanced Vision AI technology, enabling highly accurate guidance for age-restricted services and applications.


Seamless integration

Available as a part of Paravision’s Docker container-based products, enabling cloud-ready solutions and simple integration for both new and existing Paravision partners.


Frictionless user experience

Live feedback guides users and enables easy user onboarding and authentication processes with swift and user-friendly age verification.


Ethically trained

Based on a proprietary dataset of hundreds of thousands of properly-consented images, representing broad racial and gender diversity.


User privacy

Paravision Age Estimation can be used independent of face matching and doesn’t require any personal data other than a face image. The technology is deployed on partner systems, and doesn’t use operational data for model training, enabling fully private age assurance and supporting privacy by design.

Ethically built age estimation with unparalleled usability


Paravision Age Estimation is designed to help keep children safe while enabling frictionless user access to age-appropriate remote and online services. With privacy-centric design and outstanding accuracy across demographic groups, Paravision Age Estimation helps partners give easy access to appropriate age groups, keeping their communities engaged and safe without cumbersome identity checks.


Supported features:

  • Detection, capture, and validity checks available on mobile (iOS and Android) with server-side age estimation (Windows and Linux)
  • Delivered as an SDK or packaged in Paravision’s standard Docker-based products, deployable on-prem or with GCP, AWS, Azure or other cloud platforms
  • Analyzes still images to give an estimated age of the image subject
  • Supports mobile and webcam capture
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    Validity feedback:

  • Based on Paravision’s NIST-tested image quality metric, maximizing performance and usability
  • Includes metrics and gives live feedback on crucial metrics, including face sharpness, size, illumination, position, frontality, and masks
  • Use Cases:


    Use Cases:

    Gaming Platforms:

    Enhance the safety of your gaming community by verifying the age of users and enforcing age restrictions for age-sensitive gaming content.

    Parental Consent:

    Build easy processes for parents to enable their children access services such as games, entertainment, and social media platforms by verifying their age with the help of AI.

    Age-restricted Content:

    Ensure compliance with age restrictions for accessing content such as gambling websites, adult entertainment platforms, and more.

    Online Retail:

    Enable easy age proofing for purchasing age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco by implementing robust age verification measures during the checkout process.

    Social Media:

    Ensure social media compliance with local laws and regulations while enhancing platform security and user trust with Paravision’s age estimation technology.

    Financial Services:

    Strengthen security measures for financial transactions by verifying the age of users accessing banking and investment platforms.


    Verify that selfies and identity document faces correspond to claimed age. 

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