San Francisco – March 19, 2024 – Paravision, a leader in trusted Vision AI for identity solutions, today announced the release of Paravision Age Estimation, a new product supporting high-precision digital age verification and fraud prevention in a wide range of use cases. Designed to help manage access to age-restricted services with a privacy-centric approach, the newly released technology caters to the evolving compliance and regulatory needs of digital service providers worldwide.

Leveraging advanced Vision AI technology and an ethics-first approach to development and deployment, Paravision Age Estimation addresses the growing need for reliable age verification solutions in today’s digital landscape, extending beyond traditional industries offering age-restricted products and services. Social networks, gaming platforms, and other online communities are faced with the challenge of safeguarding underage users from encountering harmful or inappropriate content. Increasing legislation such as the proposed Kids Online Safety Act in the US and the Online Safety Act in the UK highlights the importance of age verification or estimation in preventing children’s access to such content.

As online activities have become ubiquitous for adults and children alike, we’re proud to release a product that can meaningfully help protect children while enabling safe, fast, and private access for age-appropriate users. Paravision Age Estimation not only helps to create safe and user-friendly online experiences but also helps partners meet compliance requirements and local laws while fighting multiple types of fraud.
Joey Pritikin, Paravision Chief Product Officer

In alignment with the recently launched Paravision Liveness and Deepfake Detection technologies, Paravision Age Estimation represents the latest step in the company’s commitment to providing foundational technologies for identity verification and fraud prevention. While Paravision Liveness helps prevent fraudulent activity by detecting physical presentation attacks, Paravision Deepfake Detection checks images and video frames for digital presentation attacks. By integrating seamlessly with these technologies, Paravision offers a comprehensive toolkit for trusted online age verification.

I’m incredibly proud of the technical rigor and ethical commitment of our Age Estimation team. Our solution is ethically trained on a proprietary dataset of hundreds of thousands of properly-consented images, ensuring broad race, gender, and diversity. It is designed to keep people safe while preserving their privacy. And it is developed with our partners in mind, enabling rock-solid performance in their production systems.
Charlie Rice, Paravision CTO

Paravision’s Age Estimation Technology is available as an SDK or packaged in Docker-based products, enabling easy integration for both new and existing Paravision partners. Paravision Age Estimation can be used independent of face matching or other identification technology, enabling fully private age assurance and supporting privacy by design. With the technology’s live feedback features, users can experience swift and frictionless age verification, ensuring improved user experience and streamlined onboarding processes. For more information about Paravision Age Estimation, please visit