Software Solution Harnesses Advanced Vision AI to Improve Access and Security for Selfie-Based Authentication

San Francisco – Jan 16, 2024 – Paravision, a leader in Trusted Vision AI, today announced the commercial launch and multi-level iBeta certification of Paravision Liveness, a new product enabling fully passive liveness detection for face images in a wide range of digital identity use cases. In concert with Paravision’s industry-leading face recognition capabilities, the new technology marks a significant advancement in the realm of remote identity verification, bolstering security, decreasing user friction, and improving access across demographic groups.

Paravision Liveness is designed to combat the use of fraudulent selfie images in remote identity verification, a need that was catapulted forward in the pandemic era with the rapid rise of digitally enabled services that once required in-person identity checks. The software checks for so-called Level 1 and Level 2 physical presentation attacks, ranging from printed photos to video on high resolution monitors to a wide variety of three-dimensional masks.

Paravision Liveness delivers outstanding usability and accuracy, as highlighted by the results of iBeta’s globally-recognized ISO 30107 compliance testing. Across over 1000 bona fide and imposter attempts, key results of the iBeta Level 2 test on Paravision Liveness include:

  • 0% spoof acceptance rate, referred to as Attack Presentation Classification Error Rate (“APCER”)
  • 0% true image rejection rate, referred to as Bona Fide Presentation Classification Error Rate (“BPCER”)
  • 0% non-response rate, the combination of Attack Presentation Non-Response Rate and Bona Fide Presentation Non-Response Rate (“APNRR” + “BPNRR”).

In other words, the system made no errors in judgment of either imposter or bona fide images, and every attempt to use the system was successful.

In an era where fraudulent identity can pose substantial safety and security risks for personal, corporate, and government services, we’re thrilled to bring Paravision Liveness to the market, setting new standards for accuracy, efficiency, and user experience in digital identity. Built upon years of research and development, this technology represents a pivotal step towards improving access while guarding against identity theft.

Doug Aley, Paravision CEO

Unlike other available liveness (or “anti-spoofing”) detection methods, Paravision Liveness introduces a multifaceted approach that combines a fully passive liveness detection with user feedback on quality factors such as lighting and facial position. Incorporating live feedback helps the technology proactively prevent errors and retries due to low quality images, delivering high accuracy and an intuitive experience even for first-time users.

The first release of Paravision Liveness includes server-side liveness detection and advanced image quality SDKs for iOS and Android. The server-side software is available as a part of Paravision’s standard Docker container-based products, enabling cloud-ready solutions and simple integration for both new and existing Paravision partners. While benefiting from the live feedback and quality filtering available for native iOS and Android app integration, the system only requires a single face image for determining the authenticity of a presented face.

We’re proud to enable leading digital identity solutions Built with Paravision to deliver millions of transactions every month, and we’re thrilled to enable our partners to deliver the next level of security and user experience with Paravision Liveness. By building on trusted and deployed Paravision platforms, we’re making a wholly new technology available as a drop-in addition requiring minimal code changes.

Joey Pritikin, Paravision Chief Product Officer

The introduction of Paravision Liveness marks a strategic synergy with the company’s ongoing product development in Deepfake Detection, which is planned for commercial release later in Q1 2024. By combining these capabilities, Paravision aims to offer a comprehensive defense against a spectrum of presentation attacks, both physical and digital. Paravision Liveness is available to Paravision partners now.