San Francisco and São Paulo, June 4– Control iD, a leader in innovative access control solutions, today announced the launch of its new product, the iDFace Max, built with Paravision’s industry-leading facial identification technology.

The partnership between Control iD and Paravision brings together Control iD’s deep expertise in access management and Paravision’s AI toolsets, setting a new standard for security and user convenience in the access control industry. The iDFace Max harnesses Paravision’s top-tier face identification capabilities to offer unmatched accuracy and reliability, ensuring seamless entry for authorized individuals while maintaining rigorous security protocols.

Key Features of iDFace Max:

  • Advanced Facial Identification: Equipped with advanced face identification and liveness, the iDFace Max offers precise recognition and authentication, even in challenging scenarios such as users wearing masks.
  • Robust Design and Connectivity: The device boasts two 1080p Full HD cameras and a 7” touchscreen display, and various connectivity options, ensuring usability in various installation environments.
  • Embedded Web Software: Users can manage access rules, monitor entries and exits, and generate detailed reports all through an embedded web interface that simplifies administrative tasks.
  • Customizable Access Rules: The iDFace Max allows for the creation of tailored access rules based on groups and schedules, providing enhanced control over who enters or exits the premises at any given time.

The integration of Paravision’s face identification technology into our new iDFace Max system represents a significant leap forward not just for us but for the entire access control industry. This collaboration is all about blending high performing technology with practical applications to meet the evolving security needs of our customers.
Albert Nissimoff, Control iD’s President

Paravision recently announced that its AI models have been optimized for new embedded applications to facilitate the seamless deployment of cost-effective, high-performance face recognition solutions in IoT, access control, and other applications. Control iD’s new iDFace Max system is one of the first ones to benefit from the optimization of Paravision’s AI models for new embedded platforms.

We continuously strive to make our industry-leading AI technologies accessible across various computing platforms and use cases. Partnering with Control iD has allowed us to apply our technology in new, dynamic ways to benefit a broader audience.
Stuart Lieblich, Paravision SVP of Business Development

The iDFace Max is available now and is the perfect solution for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient method to enhance their security protocols while providing a seamless user experience. For more information about iDFace Max and other Control iD solutions, please visit


About Control iD

Control iD, a company of the ASSA ABLOY Group, is a global provider of access control solutions that designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of products for secure access to buildings and facilities. Based in Brazil, Control iD offers innovative, high-quality solutions to enhance security and operational efficiency across various industries.