San Francisco – May 30, 2024 – Paravision, a leader in trusted Vision AI technologies, today unveiled its enhanced face recognition SDK specifically optimized for Rockchip’s AI-focused chipsets. This integration leverages Rockchip’s broadly adopted semiconductor technologies with Paravision’s industry-leading AI expertise to facilitate the seamless deployment of cost-effective, high-performance face recognition solutions in IoT, access control, and other applications.

Rockchip is a renowned semiconductor company acclaimed for its SoC development and exceptional price-performance and globally supported Edge AI processors. By fine-tuning Paravision’s industry-leading face recognition solutions for Rockchip embedded SoCs, Paravision is able to support more partners and applications where low cost is critical.

We are committed to being a partner-centric organization, constantly expanding our technology to ensure our Vision AI is readily deployable on any major platform and operating system. Our optimization for Rockchip not only broadens the applicability of our solutions but also simplifies integration, allowing our partners to easily implement top-tier face recognition technologies on the SoCs they already utilize.
Joey Pritikin, Paravision Chief Product Officer

This effort represents a key step in our ongoing commitment to ensure our technology leads the market not only in performance but also in versatility and total cost of ownership. Rockchip’s chipsets provide a robust foundation that allows our AI models to excel in varied and challenging environments and requirements, delivering reliable and highly accurate results across use cases.
Charlie Rice, Paravision CTO

This partnership with Rockchip follows Paravision’s strategy of enhancing its product availability across leading SoC platforms, mirroring successful optimizations for other prominent processors like those from Ambarella and Hailo.

About Rockchip: Rockchip is a leading fabless IC design company that focuses on Intelligent IoT. Rockchip specializes in SoC design, analog circuit chip design, and algorithm research. The company has extensive experience in processor and analog-digital mixed chip design, multimedia processing, image algorithms. Rockchip is committed to providing customers with multi-level, multi-platform, multi-scenario professional solutions, empowering consumer electronics, intelligent hardware, computer vision, commercial/industrial applications, and other fields.