Newly released Gen 5 technology delivers substantial improvements in accuracy across use cases and demographic groups

Paravision, the U.S.-based leader in mission-critical face recognition and computer vision, announced today that its newly-released fifth generation product suite has ranked as the top performer in the U.S., UK and EU, and in the top 4 globally in NIST’s newest FRVT 1:1 report.

Paravision has consistently ranked at the global top in NIST’s FRVT reports, and has shown steady accuracy improvements throughout its submissions since 2018. Specifically, Paravision’s face recognition technology error rates dropped 65% in the last year in the Visa/Border test, which is significant for identity verification, travel, and border security use cases. Altogether, Paravision’s performance has improved 85% across all tests since its first submission in 2018.

Our machine learning and engineering teams are truly remarkable and passionate about continuously progressing our technology and improving accuracy, and Paravision’s performance in the NIST FRVT reports showcases that. We strive to innovate on behalf of our clients, and our rate of improvement is a reflection of this core value.
Charlie Rice, Paravision CTO

In addition to measuring the accuracy of face recognition across different use cases, from fully unconstrained to travel document-quality images, the NIST 1:1 FRVT benchmark also tests demographic performance across gender, nationality and age. Paravision’s technology has shown significant improvements across tested demographics in line with the overall noted error rate reduction. When considered across gender, age and nationality, Paravision’s face recognition now shows less than 0.65% false non-match rates at 1 in 100,000 false match rates for every demographic group tested.

Performance across all demographic groups is absolutely vital for ethical and mission-critical computer vision, and the latest results show that Paravision has made significant progress in improving accuracy for all. We are proud of this accomplishment, and will continually strive to develop technology that works for everyone.
Joey Pritikin, Paravision Chief Product Officer