Converge 2023: Foreword

Last Modified: December 12, 2023

By Doug Aley, Paravision CEO

As we close on one year and open another, it gives me remarkable pleasure to welcome you to the latest edition of Paravision Converge. This magazine isn’t just a collection of stories. It is a testament to the remarkable journey we’ve been on and the promising road ahead in the world of trusted identity.

At Paravision, we have always believed in the power of technology. Our commitment to ethically developing and conscientiously selling AI solutions has been our guiding light in the realm of trusted Vision AI, and we have tirelessly strived to build technology that not only leads industry benchmarks but also meets the most demanding requirements across various platforms, from the cloud to the edge.

This year, Converge is more special than ever, as we shine a spotlight on the true champions behind our success – our exceptional partners.

They are the driving force that has allowed us to stretch our boundaries, continually pushing on innovation.

Through this magazine, we want to share the stories of these partnerships that have led to solutions across a wide array of applications. These stories represent the very essence of our business – they are a celebration of our partners and the innovative solutions we’ve achieved together.

Within the pages of Converge you will discover firsthand accounts from
our partners who are building the
next generation of trusted identity solutions with Paravision, and in doing so, have left an indelible mark on their respective industries. We are humbled by the trust they have placed in Paravision, and we take pride in being their technology partner of choice.

As we look ahead, the world of Vision AI is poised for remarkable growth and innovation, Paravision will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We are committed to driving excellence and making a positive impact across industries through Vision AI. We know that our valued partners will continue to be our compass, guiding us toward the path of innovation and success.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Doug Aley
CEO, Paravision