Q&A with Dan Lee, Identity Products Lead, Persona

Last Modified: December 12, 2023

At the heart of Persona’s identity platform is a commitment to meet the diverse needs of any organization. Persona’s mission is to provide customers with the most efficient and extensive suite of identity solutions on the market. By partnering with Paravision, Persona is dedicated to delivering unwavering performance and versatility to support identity verification processes of companies varying from startups to global enterprises.

Can you briefly tell us about Persona?

Persona offers a best-in-class unified identity platform that provides businesses the building blocks they need to design and fully manage customizable KYC, AML, KYB, and identity verification programs, helping them comply with regulations, fight fraud, and build trust throughout the customer lifecycle.

Beyond identity verification, our platform includes a configurable hub to manage reviews and a flexible orchestration engine to help businesses automate their identity operations from end to end.

How does face recognition play into your business and offering?

Face recognition is a critical component for many identity-related solutions. We’ve definitely seen an uptick in demand for face recognition, dynamic compliance controls, bias impact analysis, and ethical training.

With Paravision technology, Persona is able to deliver enhanced identity verification and age estimation technology to customers, empowering them to fight fraud, comply with shifting age verification regulations, and safeguard consumer privacy through highly configurable, real-time verification flows.

How does Persona use Paravision’s technology and why did you decide to work with Paravision?

We decided to work with Paravision because of our shared values. We’re both focused on maintaining rigorous ethical standards from development to release, with significant due diligence on fairness and societal impact. Paravision’s solution met our needs for an innovative, responsible complement to our technology as it is ethically built and trained on a diverse set of data, as well as rigorously audited to detect and mitigate bias.

In what ways has the partnership positively impacted your organization and your end-users?

Our partnership has allowed us to release an enhanced AI-based age estimation and verification solution. Persona customers can now leverage the new age estimation solution when evaluating users’ selfies, which can reduce friction by eliminating the need to collect a government-issued ID, depending on the user’s estimated age. Coupled with Persona’s granular data retention and redaction policies configured in Dynamic Flow, this new technology helps companies deliver more seamless, privacy-compliant experiences not only to underage users and their parents and guardians, but also to adults using the same platforms and services.

What is the future of digital identity verification? How do you see the market developing in the next 3-5 years?

Organizations will be walking a thinner tightrope — balancing the dual objectives of ensuring accuracy and assurance while also maintaining the sanctity of privacy and ethical standards. They’ll find themselves asking “How do we make the onboarding process sleek yet secure from sophisticated fraud?” and “How do we expand across borders in a landscape of swiftly shifting regulations?”

At the same time, the surge of advanced deepfakes and intricate spoofing will raise the stakes in establishing trust, while the demand for privacy will reach its peak. The need for partners who won’t compromise will be absolutely critical moving forward. Companies must align with allies who don’t just echo their principles but can also navigate the maze of regulatory shifts. Agility, the ability to customize, and forging dependable partnerships are now at the forefront of business strategy.


Dan Lee is Persona’s Identity Products Lead and a fraud expert. He leads the development of a comprehensive suite of identity verification products, enabling customers to create personalized identity experiences for any use case.