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01 Internal Age Estimation
Whether buying goods like alcohol or tobacco, accessing activities like gambling or gaming, or logging in to critical services like banking or telecommunications, age is a critical factor. This has be...
In this Reference Design, we present the Biometric Contactless Corridor 2.0 (“CC2.0”), which builds upon the thinking and technology presented in the original Contactless Corridor while delivering a more cost-effective implementation that is more in-line with a conventional physical layout and security management approach.
Face recognition can be a powerful and effective tool for frictionless identification and authentication in consumer-facing applications. At the same time, the use of biometric identity demands carefu...
“The mobility space is undergoing its most profound transformation since the automobile was born about 125 years ago. Several quasi-simultaneous megatrends are driving this revolution, namely electrif...
Large-scale biometric systems have traditionally used fingerprint and iris scans as the primary methods for identification. However, recent advancements in face recognition technology have enabled one...
Letter - 14
Paravision Search is a cutting-edge biometric search platform designed to provide identity, security, and customer experience service providers across industries with a reliable and efficient solution...
NIST’s Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) is the most respected industry benchmark for companies building and using face recognition technology, and its benefit for the industry is undeniable. Howeve...
Presented identities can no longer be expected to be authentic identities. This creates risks for democracy, national security, business, human rights, and personal privacy. In this paper, we will exp...
Choosing a technology partner for a new capability is a challenging,  high-risk process for any business, and the complexity of the technology at hand can make the task overwhelming. Facial recognitio...
Check out our eBook and learn how Dell Technologies and Paravision are using highly accurate face recognition for security with modern enterprises.   Get insights into biometric identity solution...

Understanding Edge AI and its impact on face recognition

September 28, 2021, San Francisco, CA
Dive into our Edge AI whitepaper to learn more about what it is, why it matters, and how it impacts the future of face recognition.   Already redefining the way we work, connect, create and live,...
Face Recognition in Air Travel_1.1
This in-depth guide describes how face recognition can change the future air travel experience.

An Introduction to Presentation Attack Detection

October 6, 2020, San Francisco, CA
An Introduction to Presentation Attack Detection_1.1
An overview of the fundamentals of Presentation Attack Detection (PAD), why “Anti-Spoofing” is so critical in face recognition, and how it can be achieved across a variety of use cases.   Biometr...

COVID-19: Enhanced Safety & Security

June 29, 2020, San Francisco, CA
COVID White Paper
Learn how Paravision’s face recognition, mask detection, and associated computer vision can be used to support safety, security, and identity challenges associated with COVID-19.

NIST FRVT 1:N Performance Assessment

June 29, 2020, San Francisco, CA
NIST White Paper
Read the Face Recognition Performance Assessment report and learn how Paravision’s accuracy of face recognition consistently ranks among the best in the world.   Gain insights into Paravision...

Face Recognition & Biometric Image Quality

June 29, 2020, San Francisco, CA
Image Quality White Paper
An introduction to the importance of image quality in biometric identification and authentication, and a review of Paravision’s performance in NIST’s most recent FRVT Image Quality Assessm...
Read our article about digital borders, their potential benefits and important considerations.

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