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Paravision Search Lite is a fully-integrated, Docker-based face recognition engine, capable of processing video or still imagery from a single computer or cloud instance, enabling simple integration a...
Paravision’s Streaming Container Version 7 integrates with standard video protocols, such as RTSP, to accurately detect and extract faces, people, and vehicles. Streaming 7 delivers outstanding system...

Paravision Search

March 14, 2023
Paravision Search takes Paravision Face Recognition, which has been available until now as an SDK or discrete docker-based matcher, and integrates it into a true enterprise-grade search system. Thi...
Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 2.40.56 PM
From consumer-facing IDV and eKYC applications to ruggedized tablets for government identity programs, from next-generation kiosks for point-of-sale and air travel to next generation access control an...
Many safety, security, and customer experience applications benefit from characterization of key personal attributes. However, between the massive amounts of data to be processed and the need to provi...
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Ensuring the authenticity of biometric images is critical to high confidence biometric identification and authentication in unattended or fully automated use cases, from digital ID verification to phy...
From Cloud to Edge, Paravision’s comprehensive face recognition product suite offers all of the tools necessary to develop and deploy mission-critical biometric identification and authentication solut...
Our first ever hardware reference designs to facilitate faster, lower risk development of Ambarella-based Edge AI solutions.

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