SAN FRANCISCO — Mar 14, 2023 — Paravision, the leader in Trusted Vision AI, today announced the commercial launch of Paravision Search, a powerful face matching platform designed to meet the needs of demanding enterprise use cases. First announced in Paravision’s Converge 2023 and based on Paravision’s industry-leading fifth generation face recognition model, Paravision Search is an easy-to-deploy platform with exceptional scalability and matching speed.

Paravision Search is the most sophisticated product in the Paravision portfolio, capable of handling high concurrency, galleries of hundreds of millions of records, and dynamic sub-gallery creation, all while maintaining NIST-tested accuracy. With the ability to match identities at over one million matches per second per core, Paravision Search enables faster processes and shorter user wait times. The system also features programmable elasticity, allowing for near real-time adjustments in compute resources to meet demand and drive cost savings during low traffic times. 

In addition to massive scalability, Paravision Search is designed to make the deployment process flexible and seamless for enterprise operators. Its architecture helps address multiple use cases, with deployment flexibility and modular features. Paravision Search is equally optimized for large-scale ID Verification use cases as well as smaller but substantially more dynamic day-of-travel or day-of-event applications. The platform’s sophisticated gallery management functions as a distributed database for biometric and vector data, enabling speedy addition and search of data, and the definition of sub-galleries and attribute-based filters.

Paravision Search offers customers unparalleled performance and scalability in an easy-to-deploy package that’s typically ready to use within a week. It is a result of our continued commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the diversity of use cases we serve. Paravision Search will help our partners enhance their security posture and deliver superior experiences while minimizing development risk and driving significant cost savings.

Joey Pritikin, Paravision Chief Product Officer

Paravision Search has impressive performance metrics, with the ability to enroll 50 million identities in less than 3.5 hours and 1.4 million matches per second per core on Intel(R) Xeon(R) @ 3.10GHz. It can handle 120 concurrent requests per second with 16 CPUs and 100,000 templates, which can be scaled up further with more hardware resources.

We’re proud to integrate our NIST-ranked face recognition technology into a truly enterprise-grade, feature-rich search system. Coupled with its native elasticity and cloud-ready architecture, Paravision Search allows organizations to scale with high confidence, making it the ultimate matching platform for high-volume use cases.

Charlie Rice, Paravision CTO

Paravision Search is based on Paravision’s fifth-generation face recognition technology, which was ranked as the most accurate face recognition system in the world in NIST’s FRVT 1:N in January 2022. More recently, Paravision announced it had repeated its top ranking in the Department of Homeland Security Biometric Technology Rally. The newly launched product is available to all Paravision partners worldwide.