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Scalable, elastic, enterprise-grade face recognition


Core benefits


Massive scalability

As the largest-scale product in the Paravision portfolio, Paravision Search can handle virtually unlimited concurrency and support for galleries of up to hundreds of millions of records while maintaining its NIST-tested accuracy.


Extreme speed

Enroll and match identities at staggering speeds to improve process efficiency and decrease user wait times. Optimized at the assembly language layer, Paravision Search delivers a million matches per second per core.


Native elasticity

Paravision Search is fully elastic, allowing programmatic adjustments in compute resources to help meet real-time demands and drive cost savings during low traffic times.



Architecture to help address multiple use case needs from large-scale IDV to day-of-travel passenger facilitation, with deployment flexibility and modular features.


Sophisticated gallery management

Works as a distributed database for biometric and vector data, allowing speedy addition and search of data, and enables definition of sub galleries and focused search with adaptive filters.

Easy-to-deploy biometric search platform


Paravision Search is built to help identity, security, and passenger experience service providers across industries integrate a world-class biometric search platform quickly, enabling large-scale and use case-optimized AI-based image matching with a ready-made, packaged solution.


Supported features:

  • Biometric template and image matching
  • Highly flexible architecture
  • Dynamic sub-gallery creation and search
  • Extensible attribute-based search filters
  • Programmable, API-controlled elasticity
  • REST and gRPC interfaces
  • Runs on Kubernetes and is cloud-ready
  • Service provider-agnostic, runs on the cloud or on-premises
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    Performance metrics:

  • Gallery size scales to hundreds of millions of records
  • Enrolls 50 million identities in less than 3.5 hours
  • 1.4M matches per second per core (Intel(R) Xeon(R) @ 3.10GHz)
  • 120 concurrent requests per second (16 CPUs, 100,000 templates)
  • Optimized for Paravision Gen 5 face recognition, ranked #1 in NIST FRVT 1:N (Visa-Border, Feb 2022)
  • Use Cases:

    Application Travel and Border Programs Image
    Application Digital Identity Verification
    Application Government Programs Image

    Use Cases:

    Travel & Border Programs:

    Integrate Paravision Search with your travel and border solutions to improve operational efficiency and border security.

    Digital Identity

    Paravision Search enables secure and high-speed matching in large-scale digital identity verification use cases, such as banking or payments.

    Government Programs:

    Deploy Paravision Search as a part of any Government Identity Program to power identity matching at an industry leading accuracy.


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