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March 14, 2023

Paravision Search: Value Proposition

Paravision Search is a cutting-edge biometric search platform designed to provide identity, security, and customer experience service providers across industries with a reliable and efficient solution for large-scale image matching in the most challenging environments. With Paravision Search, organizations can quickly integrate a ready-made, packaged solution that offers world-class biometric capabilities.

This document is intended to showcase the outstanding business value that Paravision Search brings by highlighting its unique features and benefits. We’ll illustrate how the system can revolutionize operations for partner organizations through the following key benefits:

  • Fast time to market: Paravision Search can be fast to integrate and enables organizations to start using the system quickly.
  • Automated elasticity: Paravision Search’s automatic scaling capabilities help ensure the platform can handle the most demanding workloads while saving resources outside of peak times, without the need for manual intervention.
  • Attribute filters: Paravision Search’s sophisticated attribute filtering allows operators to quickly and accurately identify individuals with focused search.
  • Elastic resource manager: Paravision Search’s easy-to-use resource management system helps ensure efficient processing and maximum cost savings.
  • Cloud-ready, service provider agnostic: Paravision Search is designed to work with all major cloud providers, making it easy for organizations to use the system with their existing cloud infrastructure.

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