SAN FRANCISCO, December 14, 2023 – Paravision, a leader in trusted Vision AI, today announced new partnerships with the launch of its annual company event, Paravision Converge. This year’s Converge highlights leading companies with partner interviews, case studies, and product overviews gathered into an online magazine focused on trusted identity solutions Built with Paravision.

Paravision has consistently championed the power of technology, dedicating itself to building ethically trained and high-performing AI technology. The magazine highlights Paravision’s commitment to building technology that not only leads industry benchmarks but also meets the most demanding requirements across various platforms, by collecting partner stories from industry sectors such as digital identity, travel, automotive, access control, physical security, and stadium events.

After years spent building a finely-tuned suite of products designed to deliver high performance face recognition and related Vision AI to a wide range of applications, we’re thrilled to be able to share the stories of leading partners across this broad swath of market sectors.

Doug Aley, Paravision CEO

Within the pages of Converge, readers will discover firsthand accounts from Paravision’s partners who are actively shaping the next generation of identity solutions, including HID, Persona, SITA, Globant, Plastic Omnium, Brivo, and Entrust.

Paravision Converge is published after a remarkable year for the company. In 2023, the company achieved the highest placement in the US, UK and EU in both NIST FRTE 1:N and 1:1 tests, as well as a top performance in DHS Biometric Technology Rally. In addition to leading the ranks in industry benchmarks, Paravision won Best Facial Recognition at the AI Breakthrough Awards, and placed as Luminary in the Biometric Digital Identity Prism.

As we look ahead, the world of trusted identity is poised for remarkable growth and innovation, and Paravision will continue to push for excellence on behalf of our partners and end users. We are committed to making a positive impact across industries through our technology, and our partners will continue to be our compass, guiding our innovation, sector expansion, and scale.

Doug Aley, Paravision CEO

For more information about Paravision Converge and to access the digital version of the magazine, please visit