Company delivers #1 global ranking in challenging image category, top-20 results across every use case

SAN FRANCISCO — June 20, 2023 — Paravision, the leader in Trusted Vision AI, today announced the results of its most recent submission to NIST’s globally-recognized Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) for 1:1 Verification, delivering a top-ranked ranked performance across all providers from the U.S., UK, and EU, and #1 global performance in a newly introduced category to test challenging images. The tested submission is a preview of Paravision’s upcoming Gen 6 face recognition software, signaling continued advances in accuracy for Paravision’s partners and end users.

Global #1 in Challenging New Category

In addition to top-tier performances across all tests, Paravision’s latest submission (which can be found as “paravision-013”) was ranked #1 in the world for the recently added Visa – Border Yaw ≥45° category. Here, high quality enrollment images are matched against images where the face is tilted at 45 degrees or more to the left or right. 

The key Visa-Border benchmark has become a hotly contested space, with many vendors delivering similar scores. However, Paravision’s results in the high-angle test are noteworthy not only for the top global ranking, but also the very steep accuracy fall-off after the top five algorithms, which represent submissions from only three different vendors.

In evaluation after evaluation, we’ve seen Paravision technology and products ‘Built with Paravision’ judged as the best performing globally. This particular test is a good indicator as to why: We do extremely well on high quality images while also delivering outstanding performance when conditions get tough, users aren’t experts, or user experiences are less constrained.
Charlie Rice, CTO of Paravision.

Superior Accuracy Across Use Cases

Paravision’s Gen 6 face recognition was  ranked #1 in the U.S., UK, and EU and #6 among all providers globally for the key “Visa-Border” benchmark, and was one of only 4 vendors globally (and the only outside of China or Russia) to deliver top-20 performance across the 7 use cases tested. Highlights from these tests include:

Image Type Global Vendor Rank False Match Rate False Non-Match Rate
Visa-Border Yaw ≥45° 1 1 in 1 million 0.0025
Visa-Border 6 1 in 1 million 0.0019
Mugshot 4 1 in 100,000 0.0021
Mugshot ΔT≥12 years 2 1 in 100,000 0.0019
Border 6 1 in 1 million 0.0041
Kiosk Photos 4 1 in 100,000 0.0403

In addition to challenging high-angle images, Paravision also excelled with faces aging over time, delivering the #2 global performance for mugshots when samples were separated by 12 or more years from original enrollment.

Accuracy Across Demographics 

NIST FRVT provides detailed insights into performance across demographic variables, especially including age, gender, and nationality. Paravision delivered noteworthy performances in this regard for both False Non-Match Rate (FNMR) and False Match Rate (FMR).

As part of FRVT Demographic Effects, NIST measures a wide range of criteria including worst-case FMR for specific demographics. When measured across a global FMR of 0.0003, Paravision delivered a worst case single-demographic FMR of 0.00086 (for Eastern European Males age 12-20). This worst-case FMR is #1 globally by a substantial margin, with a 6X lower max FMR than the #2 vendor. 

Paravision also performed well on FNMR across demographics, delivering a better than 0.65% FNMR at FMR = 1 in 100,000 for every demographic tested.

Consistent Progression Over Time, Focus on Commercial Models

Paravision has consistently submitted to both NIST FRVT 1:1 Verification and 1:N Identification since 2018, first achieving #1 global ranking in NIST FRVT 1:1 in 2019. The latest submission from Paravision demonstrates a 30% reduction in error rates on a year-over-year basis, and a greater than 90% reduction in error rates since 2019.

Critically, Paravision submits its commercial models to NIST FRVT, and is committed to delivering the software benchmarked on NIST to its partners in short order. Paravision Gen 6 face recognition as benchmarked by NIST FRVT is slated for customer delivery this summer.

Our goal is to enable our partners with world-class technology that will perform across use cases, across demographics, over time, and in the most challenging conditions, and to provide transparency through multiple, repeated, public benchmarks. Our NIST FRVT results are a testament to this.
Doug Aley, CEO of Paravision.

The results from NIST are the latest in a series of benchmarked successes for Paravision. The company has delivered top-ranked performances to the DHS Biometric Technology Rally two years in a row in addition to repeated NIST FRVT successes, including  NIST FRVT 1:1, FRVT 1:N, and FRVT Paperless Travel. It also comes on the heels of recognition for Paravision partners, including Alocity’s recent SIA Best New Product Award.