Payments and Retail

Upgrade your payment solutions with advanced biometric identity technology for seamless transactions and enhanced security.


AI-Driven Payment Authentication

Say goodbye to tedious authentication processes, physical payment cards, and abandoned carts. Elevate customer satisfaction, boost revenue streams, and optimize payment security in both in-person and online transactions with automated identity verification powered by face recognition and Vision AI.

Paravision Face Recognition and Paravision Liveness empower businesses to streamline payment processes across various touchpoints, from mobile transactions to point-of-sale terminals. Paravision’s robust facial recognition technology ensures secure and frictionless transactions, enhancing the overall payment experience.

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Face Detection


Find faces and landmarks and determine biometric image quality. Detected faces can be passed to face recognition at the edge, on-premises, or in the cloud.

Image Quality Analysis


Ensure the highest quality enrollment and authentication in self-service environments, such as digital payments and e-commerce.

1:1 Face Verification


Compare one face to another, for applications where faces may be combined with a second factor (such as an ID document) for lookup.

1:N Face Identification


Compare a presented face against a gallery with scale, elasticity, and optimization for enterprise needs powered by Paravision Search.

Mobile Processing


Optimize user experience, latency, and security by choosing the right balance of processing between server-side and mobile devices.

Liveness and Deepfake Detection


Ensure the person in front of a camera is a real person, and not a presentation attack or a spoof.


Excelling in the real world

  • Paravision┬« offers field-tested face recognition that excels in the real world, delivering dependable performance for payment authentication in diverse conditions.

    • Angle and light variability
    • Visual obstructions and occlusions
    • Age, race, and gender diversity
    • Low-quality videos and images
    • Profile views
  • Experience Seamless Transactions.

    • Mobile Payments
    • In-Store Transactions
    • Online Payments
    • Loyalty Programs
    • E-commerce