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With world-class AI technology, process, and policy, Paravision is developing next-generation products powering identity, safety and security applications.



Presentation Attack Detection

Ensuring authentic identity in the physical world

A complement to Paravision Face Recognition, our advanced liveness SDKs support both 3D/NIR cameras for embedded devices, and will soon include 2D/RGB processing, such as mobile authentication on a smart phone.

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Attribute SDK

Advanced face attribute analysis

Paravision’s Attribute SDK delivers analysis of multiple important factors, including age estimation as well as headwear, eyewear, masks, and smile detection.

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Streaming 7

Faces, People, and Vehicles: Vision AI for Streaming Video

Streaming 7 includes advanced face, person, and vehicle detection, delivering operational insights, advanced security, and next-gen customer experiences.

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Deepfake Detection

Authentic identity in the digital domain

From identity swaps and expression swaps to synthetic faces, face morphs, and adversarial attacks, digital presentation attacks are broad in nature and pose a serious risk to security, safety, and privacy. Paravision is proud to be building tools to detect them.

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Video redaction

Protecting privacy with accurate Vision AI

Leveraging Paravision’s proven detection capability, our video redaction software will enable partners the ability to redact portions of video - including faces, people, vehicles, license plates, and beyond - for privacy-sensitive use cases.

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Vision AI in action

Streaming Container 7


Attributes Analysis


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Paravision Attributes SDK

Many safety, security, and customer experience applications benefit from characterization of key personal attributes. However, between the massive amounts of data to be processed and the need to provi...


Paravision Streaming Container 7

Paravision’s Streaming Container Version 7 integrates with standard video protocols, such as RTSP, to accurately detect and extract faces, people, and vehicles. Streaming 7 delivers outstanding system...


Authentic Identity: Challenges and Opportunities in Physical and Digital Domains

Presented identities can no longer be expected to be authentic identities. This creates risks for democracy, national security, business, human rights, and personal privacy. In this paper, we will exp...

An Introduction to Presentation Attack Detection_1.1

An Introduction to Presentation Attack Detection

An overview of the fundamentals of Presentation Attack Detection (PAD), why “Anti-Spoofing” is so critical in face recognition, and how it can be achieved across a variety of use cases.   Biometr...