From FindBiometrics

November is Face Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics – a four week event in which we are delving into the history, the technology, the promise and the controversy around facial recognition in identification and authentication scenarios. That’s why, on the latest episode of the ID Talk Podcast, we welcome Paravision’s CEO Doug Aley and the company’s newly appointed Chief Product Officer Joey Pritikin.

Paravision provides advanced computer vision technology to empower a wide range of mission critical applications. Susan Stover, FindBiometrics’ VP of Digital Content sat down with Aley and Pritikin for an engaging discussion on the current state of the face biometrics market.

The conversation begins with an introduction to Paravision, going on to talk in detail about how AI and Deep Learning technologies have affected face biometrics in recent times and the evolution of biometrics in the past five years. After touching on liveness detection and the contactless biometrics experience, Stover, Aley and Pritikin delve into the current controversy around some public facing deployments of facial recognition and offer guidance for an industry currently tasked with walking some delicate ethical lines.

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