Grow with us and create AI that matters.

Paravision develops carefully crafted AI building blocks that are ethically developed, conscientiously sold, and built for the next generation of identity. Our industry-leading products, including face recognition, liveness, deepfake detection, and age estimation are highly flexible, scalable, and easy-to-deploy on every major platform — from the cloud to the edge.

Paravision's team

Remote-first, we are distributed across North America and hiring great people for various roles. Join our diverse, collaborative team as we build industry-leading AI.


Our Values

  1. Win the Right Way.

    We’re deeply committed to doing business the right way, and always act with integrity.

  2. Defy Expectations.

    We think setting aggressive goals motivates us to outcompete the biggest and best.

  3. Demand Precision.

    Our work is highly impactful and we have the responsibility to get it right.

  4. Celebrate Curiosity.

    We encourage smart risks and productive failure.

  5. Thrive as a Team.

    We believe in deep collaboration, and working together towards clearly defined goals.

Why join?


Make a difference

As an AI company, we know the technology we build will impact various people and communities, which is why we need to put humans first in the way we make and sell our software. Everything we do is based on our AI principles, and we aim to be industry leaders in ethical and trusted face recognition.


Build cutting edge technology

We take pride in building the best performing products, and it shows in our accuracy, speed, scalability, and security. We’ve consistently performed at the top in NIST’s gold standard Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) evaluations, including #1 rankings in the US across all critical leaderboards.


Work with a diverse team

Diversity in thought, action, gender, race, age, religion, sexuality, ability, and background ensures the company’s innovation engine does not rust. We believe that surrounding yourself only with like-people creates an echo chamber in which idea generation will die. Candidates from underrepresented backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.


Learn and grow with the company

We have exciting challenges ahead, from making an impact in our core industry to leading in completely new areas. We hire innovators ready to take on the unknown and learn while doing it, both from our partners and each other. It doesn’t hurt that 20% of our team is PhDs in AI or ML.