Future Forward
Vision AI Capabilities

Vision AI has tremendous opportunities to help advance science, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, national security, agriculture and beyond. Most applications requiring processing, characterization, and understanding of visual information can be benefitted by Vision AI, and Paravision is exploring the possibilities with select partners. Let’s build a smarter future together.

Our Vision

To bring about a future where Vision AI dramatically improves outcomes for critical individual, business, and societal challenges.

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Use cases for Vision AI

Our belief is that AI will not and should not replace the human element, but that it can strengthen it in understanding the visible world.



Vision AI has unique capability to understand images, and has the potential to help healthcare professionals to detect changes before they’re visible to the human eye.



Vision AI can be used to improve safety and efficiency across use cases such as automated product assembly, quality control, and repetitive inspection tasks.



Vision AI has opportunities in enhancing logistics through object tracking, quality control tasks, equipment condition monitoring, and occupancy and traffic analysis.



Vision AI can be used to improve agriculture efficiency through enabling soil tracking and analysis, autonomous farming equipment, and sorting of produce.

Vision AI in Action

Deepfake Detection


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Paravision Liveness

Integrating an advanced frontend SDK and Docker-based backend software suite, Paravision Liveness delivers highly accurate yet fully passive liveness detection serving a wide range of digital identity...


Paravision Attributes SDK

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Paravision Streaming Container 7

Paravision’s Streaming Container Version 7 integrates with standard video protocols, such as RTSP, to accurately detect and extract faces, people, and vehicles. Streaming 7 delivers outstanding system...

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Paravision Face Recognition and Liveness SDKs for Mobile Platforms

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Paravision Face Recognition Product Suite

From Cloud to Edge, Paravision’s comprehensive face recognition product suite offers all of the tools necessary to develop and deploy mission-critical biometric identification and authentication solut...


Paravision Edge AI Solutions for Face Recognition

Our first ever hardware reference designs to facilitate faster, lower risk development of Ambarella-based Edge AI solutions.