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Face Recognition

Paravision's comprehensive, industry-leading face recognition product suite offers all of the development tools necessary to build and deploy mission critical biometric verification and identification solutions across a wide range of applications and use cases.

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World class Accuracy

Paravision face recognition software consistently ranks at the top of NIST FRTE (previously FRVT) benchmarks, including 1:1 Verification, 1:N Identification, and Paperless Travel.

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Our Products Modular capabilities that meet your needs.

Paravision Face Recognition

Our Products


Face Recognition SDKs

Face Recognition SDKs

Our comprehensive face recognition technology is available as easy-to-deploy SDKs that are optimized across major platforms.

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Face Recognition Containers

Modular and vastly scalable

Paravision's face recognition engines are based on our world-class SDKs. Docker-based and fully modular, the engines enable rapid deployment and scalability to fit any enterprise need.

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Vision AI optimized for a mobile world

Paravision offers full pipeline face recognition for mobile devices, with a robust toolset including Android and iOS SDKs with UI/UX recommendations and sample apps.

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The Latest in Edge AI

For high-speed, high-precision, low-power Edge AI applications, Paravision offers its SDK for Ambarella CVflow and NVIDIA Jetson products.

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Reliable desktop applications

Optimized for desktop applications with a C++ and Python-based SDKs for Windows and Linux.

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Streaming Video

Accurate and efficient video at scale

Paravision's face recognition software can integrate natively with standard IP video infrastructure using our Streaming Container, which is Docker-based and deployable with our Face Engines.

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Liveness (PAD) SDKs

Ensuring authentic identity

A complement to Paravision Face Recognition, our advanced liveness SDKs support both specialized cameras for embedded devices, and standard cameras, such as smartphone selfie cameras.

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Paravision Search Lite

Lightweight, fully-integrated face recognition engine

Capable of processing video or still imagery from a single computer or cloud instance, enabling simple integration and use of Paravision face recognition.

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Products that work together

Our software for face recognition is built to fit our partners’ goals, supporting transformative identity solutions and customer experiences.

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Vision AI in action

Powering next-generation solutions.

Ultra responsive AI


Paravision Search


Tech specs

  • Supported Functions
  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Vision AI Frameworks

Supported Functions

Face Detection
Highly robust in challenging conditions
Face Landmarks Detection
Driving accurate face recognition even in extreme conditions
Image Quality Analysis
NIST-tested, tightly correlated with actual matching performance
Template Generation
Compact format for portability and rapid search
1:1 Verification
Top-ranked in NIST FRVT, outstanding accuracy and demographic performance
1:N Identification
Delivers accurate one-to-many at scale

Supported Platforms

Desktop / Server
Windows, Linux
C++, Python SDKs, REST APIs
iOS, Android
Swift, Kotlin
Ambarella CVflow, NVIDIA Jetson

Supported Vision AI Frameworks


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