We’re pleased to present our latest white paper, An Introduction to Presentation Attack Detection.

Presentation Attack Detection (PAD), also known as “Anti-spoofing” or “Liveness detection,” is a critical capability to consider when deploying face recognition in automated authentication and identification scenarios. Whereas face recognition determines if a presented face matches a registered record, PAD determines whether the face itself is authentic or is a copy of the face, from a photo to a video sample on an LCD to a high-resolution 3D mask.

In this white paper, we consider the different approaches to Presentation Attack Detection, some of the key technologies enabling PAD, and a number of use cases where PAD may be particularly important to deploy.

The white paper can be downloaded from our resources page. For more information on these technologies and Paravision’s PAD offerings, please reach out to us at [email protected] or on our website Contact form.