This month, NIST added two new leaderboards to their expanding series of Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) reports, including 1:N Identification and Face Mask Effects. NIST has for some time maintained a leaderboard for 1:1 Verification, and this expansion will help users of face recognition to get a more complete perspective on performance across a range of use cases. We’re very proud to say that Paravision has delivered top-tier accuracy across all of NIST’s FRVT leaderboards. 

Specifically, the August 2020 NIST FRVT leaderboards show that:

  • Paravision is the #3 ranked company globally in 1:N Identification.
  • Paravision is the #2 ranked company globally in Face Mask Effects.
  •  Paravision is the #1 ranked company from the US, UK, and Europe across all three leaderboards – 1:1 Verification, 1:N Identification, and Face Mask Effects.

We recently shared the news that we had delivered #2 global performance in NIST’s first test of Face Mask Effects, as reported in NISTIR 8311. In the first test, NIST only reported performance across algorithms submitted before COVID-19. The most recent results as shown in the leaderboard are particularly interesting in that they include algorithms from a large number of providers who optimized algorithms for the presence of face masks. In our case, we did not. Paravision’s standard face recognition algorithm submitted prior to COVID-19 outperformed over 40 algorithm post COVID-19 submissions from other vendors.

For more information or a detailed walk-through, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.