Company extends position as only top-5 face recognition provider from the U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO — Paravision, the U.S.-based leader in mission-critical face recognition and computer vision, today announced that it is the top-ranked U.S. provider and a top-5 global provider in NIST’s latest Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 1:1 Verification report.

Considered the gold standard for assessing the use of face recognition for identity verification, the FRVT 1:1 test measures the accuracy of comparing one image against another across a wide range of use cases, from passport-quality face images to unconstrained (“Wild”) face images. Highlights from the most recent report:

  • Paravision is the 5th-ranked vendor globally on the benchmark visa-border test, which compares a travel visa to an image collected in an air travel/border crossing scenario. In this test, Paravision delivered a 0.36% False Non-Match Rate (i.e. false negative rate) at a 1 in 1 million False Match Rate (i.e. false positive rate). Paravision’s error rate was less than one-half of the next closest vendor from the U.S.
  • Paravision performed extremely well across all six main datasets tested, which include variances for image quality and aging. Paravision is the only vendor globally to rank in the top-12 across all six datasets, with the second-highest average rank across all six tests. In addition, Paravision is the highest-ranked U.S. provider across all six datasets.

Face recognition is a core component of the rapidly growing air travel and identity verification markets. In these applications, accuracy is critical. Travel and identity service providers should demand nothing less than top-tier accuracy across a range of operational environments, which drives both security and customer experience. Here, Paravision has consistently delivered innovative and market-leading solutions.
Maxine Most, Principal of Acuity Market Intelligence

This latest result follows closely on the heels of Paravision’s recent top performance in NIST’s FRVT for Paperless Travel, and complements other top global rankings in 1:N Identification and Face Mask Effects. Paravision’s consistent top-tier performance across this wide variety of tests has translated to breakthrough performance in the most challenging real-world conditions and the partnership of trusted leaders in a range of verticals including access control, identity verification, air travel, and government services. 

We are grateful for the NIST team’s rigorous work, and for their steadfast efforts to promote innovation and integrity in face recognition. Paravision is committed to the ethical development and conscientious sale of AI technology, and the latest FRVT results are further proof that it’s indeed possible to develop within a strong ethical framework while delivering excellence and top-ranking performance.
Charlie Rice, Paravision CTO