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Welcome to Paravision Converge 2022

With Converge 2022, we’re happy to announce a wide array of new Vision AI products and capabilities, while also shining a light on some of the exceptional individuals driving the continuous innovation at Paravision.

This year our main focus is Trusted Vision AI—powering trusted services, ensuring trusted identity, and creating trust with our partners and end users as well as government and industry stakeholders. Enjoy!

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Our vision is to bring about a future where Vision Al dramatically improves outcomes for critical individual, business, and societal challenges.

- Doug Aley, Paravision Chief Executive Officer


Face Recognition


Face Recognition tools for cloud, server, mobile, and edge processing



Building context, determining authenticity, and protecting privacy across industries

Vision AI


Characterizing and understanding the visible world with artificial intelligence

What’s new

Headshot portraits of diverse smiling people

Paravision Search

Paravision Search takes Paravision Face Recognition and integrates it into a true enterprise-grade search system

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Paravision Presentation Attack Detection Product Suite

Ensuring the authenticity of biometric images


Paravision Attributes SDK

Paravision’s Attributes SDK enables automated checks for a range of common features encountered in business, retail, and government applications

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Paravision Streaming Container 7

Paravision’s Streaming Container Version 7 integrates with standard video protocols, such as RTSP, to accurately detect and extract faces, people, and vehicles

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Paravision Face Recognition and Liveness SDKs for Mobile Platforms

Mobile platforms have become indispensable for establishing and verifying strong identity

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Paravision Edge AI Solutions for Face Recognition

Made to facilitate faster, lower risk development of Ambarella™-based Edge AI solutions

Meet the team

Paravision Converge Doug
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Meet the team

The reality is that there are so many opportunities to help advance science, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, national security, agriculture, and beyond. Our belief is that most applications that require processing, characterization, and understanding of visual information can be benefitted by Vision AI. Not that AI will replace the human element, but that it can strengthen it.

Doug Chief Executive Officer

After years of focused development, we’ve been able to round out our product suite, delivering complete face recognition tool sets for cloud, server, mobile, and edge processing. Our goal is to meet our partners where they are: To offer open architecture, interoperable, and modular products that allow them to deploy on their target platforms, to their desired workflow, and in the context of their security and customer experience needs.

Bhargav Director, Machine Learning

While Paravision Search is focused today on enabling enterprise-grade face matching, the foundational technology is AI vector search. And so, as you see us progress toward identity plus and Vision AI, keep an eye out for Paravision Search also progressing toward enterprise-grade image matching across multiple use cases.

Arun Director, Software Engineering

Trust and identity was much easier when we lived in close-knit communities. Now, it must be quickly established for a customer, employee, or citizen, and often without the benefit of human contact or context.

Kiana Manager, Machine Learning

Leveraging Paravision’s proven detection capability, we will be offering partners the ability to redact portions of video, including faces, people, vehicles, license plates, and beyond, for privacy-sensitive use cases.

Mitch Director, Software Engineering

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